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Random thoughts on Reykjavik

The fashion of Reykjavik (and likely the whole of Iceland) is a cross between Amsterdam native, Indiana Jones, and London chic. I am wholly out of my league here. Only with photochromatic glasses turned black and a dress shirt do I even begin to not stick out.

The three Icelandic banks crashing represent the 6th, 9th and 10th largest bankruptcies. If combined, they represent the 3rd largest. The president of the largest bank has the record for largest personal bankruptcy. His bank’s collapse makes Enron look like that friend you know isn’t going to pay you back the $50 he borrowed last week.

The citizens of Reykjavik were so unhappy with the government and the same old 4 political parties, in the last election a comedian ran on a platform of transparent cronyism and vocal corruption and is now personally the most popular political party in the capital.

Children are given surnames indicating who their father is. Hence the names Johnsson, Erikson, Nielson, and so forth. They are also the most progressive country in terms of having elected the first openly homosexual leader in the world. If a homosexual couple adopts, who gets last name privileges? And in the case of unwed and angry couples, does the baby-daddy have naming rights?

I wandered past a strip club. In a country where everyone is related as long as you go back 7 generations, and a country where the excuse for being late of “I ran into someone I know on the street” is equivalent to our “bad traffic”, how do the courtesies of strip clubs work? If you walk in and find someone you know on stage, do you stay? Do you feel awkward? And speaking as a person who values the new and novel in all aspects of life, do people quickly get tired of the fact that there are a very limited number of girls that can be seen on stage?
Similarly, in a country so small, why do people try to get away with affairs?

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This entry was posted on June 16, 2010 by in Iceland.

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