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How to Make the Most of What you Have

Thursday, July 1, 2010

After a 2 day hike over a glacier, where do you go? If you wake up in pouring rain with winds that are collapsing your tent and a forecast of the same, geothermal hot springs seem like a pretty good answer.

The Blue Lagoon is the largest such pool in Iceland, and the most built up, and consequently the most heavily touristed and most expensive. The complex itself is quite nice, and the therapeutic aspect is one I’m not arguing. The hot waterfall helped relax my shoulders, the sauna and steam bath both helped me sweat out all the stress of the hike, and the silica mud helped turn my skin back to where it was before I started 3 weeks of outdoor living with only a shower every few days. The hot part of the hot springs was more absent than I would prefer. The water was warm enough to be a heated pool, but not really a hot tub as the other hot springs have been. And for the price being 3x the next most expensive pool in the country, and for the tourist presence, I was hoping it would be more of a Disneyland style attraction rather than a built up local thing. All in all though, not the worst thing to do with the waste water from a nuclear power plant.

If you do tour Iceland, the pool complex at Lake Myvatn is a nicer cost/infrastructure/tourist mix. You don’t get all the amenities of the Blue Lagoon, but you do get the place more or less to yourself assuming you miss the tour bus schedules. And Grettislaug up in the West Fjords, though small and really just a natural hot pool in arranged rocks, is set between the mountain and the sea, costs practically nothing, and was filled by only we three when we were there. Also, sitting in the hot tub at 1AM under the pink and orange sky of an unmotivated setting sun really is hard to beat.

I am going to be so thoroughly unimpressed by hot tubs once I get home.

One comment on “How to Make the Most of What you Have

  1. Dan
    July 5, 2010

    Not to nitpick, but it’s a geothermal power plant, not a nuclear one.

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