Spin the Globe with Justin Butner

A world citizen may provide value to society by using knowledge acquired across cultural contexts.

Seattle Street Conversations

Sitting on the sidewalk outside a grocery store at 1 in the morning, I had three people approach me and offer me something.

The first, a drunk, butch woman who’d just had her coat stolen directed me, “Don’t be sad!” She said that the world can be good or evil depending on how you view it, and I’m the one in charge of how I perceive everything.

The second, a guy who’d been chatting with her offered me a cigarette after she’d left. It was a Natural American Spirit (my favorite brand) menthol (my flavor). I wasn’t planning to smoke, but the brand was right.

The third walked up to join his friend the second with a recent purchase, opened the box, and offered me some Junior Mints.

This happened in the span of 5 minutes in a town just above freezing at the start to my travels. If providence is a thing, then it is speaking.

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