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The Beautiful Letdown

I’m type A. I sort of always have been. Planning, organizing, being on top of things. When I’m not I try to let myself fly, just enjoying the things that unfold in front of me. It has resulted in a range of experiences. Some really fantastic. Some pretty awful. Sleeping in train station was one of the more interesting recent ones. And so I sat with internet access, catching up on the world and trying to figure out what it is I’m doing here or what I want to do.

First problem came to my attention pretty fast. The ride to Tasmania was going to be an issue. When Leanne contacted me initially she proposed an interesting plan. A trip to Tassie. We head over a few days before New Year’s. We stay through the end of the year and then do a week or so down there of touring around. Camping. Hiking. Sightseeing. Tassie is near the top of my list for things to do so it would be a good idea. And having a guide who’s been there before would be a good way to go. But as we looked at the ferry schedule it became clear that we should have been on top of things earlier. I needed time to adjust to my surrounds, to get my bearings and figure things out. Did I really want to go to Tasmania? What was there to see? And so I spent a week or two figuring that out. Yes, I wanted to go. January seemed good. And a month was a good amount of time for me to do it. But now all the ferry slots for cars (hers) were booked. Worse still was the fact that there was a pretty good music festival there leading up to the New Year I wanted to see.

It was also in in Melbourne but it was sold out. So I looked into all the tours and festivals around the country.

Next hit was the local music festival – Homebake. I’ve been telling everyone back home that Aussie music was fantastic and I wanted to see it. And I will get my chance. But they have an all-Aussie festival called Homebake. And the lineup was pretty spectacular this year. Bands I want to see and a very reasonable (for Australia) cost of only $100 for the day. And it was still future tense. It was on Saturday (I found out Friday). It was in Sydney, the town I had just spent a day getting out of. So that was another miss. Dammit again.

Alright, what else is there? Sia, the pop artist I’ve been pretty much playing on my main playlist for the past year is healthy again and on tour. Of the US. This past July she played at the 930 club in DC. I don’t know how I missed that, but I did. Dammit x3.

And so I just sat there. Staring through my computer screen. Disoriented, upset, lost in thought. Lost in myself. What am I doing? What should I be doing? This letting things come as they may doesn’t work when I check on what I am missing. And checking on things close to the date is not working either because I’m missing on bookings. Things are selling out as everyone here celebrates school holidays, work holidays, the start of summer, and Christmas / New Year’s all rolled into one. Costs are going up. Things are booking out. And I’m not getting in on things that I want to.

I went to bed disappointed. With myself. With my situation. I’m staying with a friend in town, someone I have context with, who understands me and who can combine the understanding of home with the new setting. I was staying in house with internet and privacy. Away from the hustle of the city. And I just felt down. And a Josh Pyke – an artist I’m missing at the Tassie show – song played in my head.

“You can never really see the top from the bottom,

I don’t pay enough attention to the good things when I got ‘em.”

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This entry was posted on December 6, 2011 by in Australia, Victoria (Melbourne).

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