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I’m Okay and My Plans as of Dec 14

I’ve been answer a couple questions pretty regularly. I’m going to give the answers here:

1 – I’m doing okay. It isn’t all roses here, but it isn’t all bad. The surprising thing is just how quickly my mood will change and for seemingly no reason. I can have a low and a high within a couple hours. Overall I’m doing fine. The lows are lower than the highs are high, but I think that balance is slowly starting to shift. I expect that as I become more comfortable with myself and being on my own, I will tip the balance to the positive. Regardless of my mood at any given point, I am 100% confident that this was the right move for me.

2 – My plans as of today are this:

December – Melbourne during the weekdays, weekend trips into the Victoria countryside with Leanne on the weekends. Immediately I need to figure out a new camera, a bike, and camping gear.

Christmas – still in the works, but it will work out.

Dec 29 – I catch the ferry over to Tasmania with Leanne and her car.

Dec 30 – Jan 1 – FallsFest at Marion Bay (http://www.fallsfestival.com/). Forty or so bands over two days playing in a gorgeous location. This means I get to rock out, camp out, hang out, and don’t need to worry about what I’m doing for New Year’s Eve anymore.

Jan 1 – Jan 8 – traveling around Tasmania with Leanne. The state is a manageable size, beautiful, nature-filled, varied, and with a pretty dark past (more so than mainland Australia). Think of it like a less intense New Zealand with former prison camps. There is stuff pretty much everywhere in Tassie that I want to see, so we will get to what Leanne wants to see while she is there.

Jan 8 – Jan 28 – 3 more weeks of traveling around Tasmania. I may hike, I may bike, I may chill in some of the cities, I may camp on the beaches. This is partly up to my what-do-I-want-to-do-today style and partly up to my advanced planning that hasn’t happened yet. I still have a few weeks.

Jan 29 – Back in Melbourne for Big Day Out festival (Soundgarden, Kasabian, GirlTalk, Foster the People, My Chemical Romance, The Jezabels, Hilltop Hoods, Drapht, etc.)

Another week in Melbourne doing whatever I haven’t yet done and seeing MCR at a separate show.

Feb 4 – St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival – a lineup of bands I don’t know but in a couple years I will start to annoy you by repeatedly saying “Man, I saw those guys at Laneway.”

Then on to Adelaide via the Great Ocean Road. I will post on gumtree (basically like Craigslist) that I will chip in for gas if I can get some people who have a car. Or I may get a car and look for people who will chip in for gas.

I have a vague plan beyond this, but it starts to be like predicting the weather 2 weeks out.

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This entry was posted on December 14, 2011 by in Australia, Victoria (Melbourne).

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