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Kate Vigo at the Evalyn Hotel

Arriving at the club out of breath and 10 minutes after the show started I was both relieved and annoyed to find out that the bands weren’t actually starting until 9. Sitting outside with a beer and an hour to kill, I rolled up a cigarette and smoked it slowly, lingering over just how easily I had thrown away my no cigarettes today policy simply because I had no one to talk to. I tried to think about what I was working on and what I needed to figure out, but all to no avail. My brain had done well today, but it was done.

Inside at 9:30, I awoke with a start when the first act finally came on stage and started up. Cookie Baker had a polite and pleasant demeanor, quietly appreciative that we had all come out to see her show. She was genuinely apologetic and put off each time the connection with her acoustic guitar failed and the speakers popped. She played a song about a breakup with an ex. Then a song that started out about her friend’s hangover but somehow morphed into a song about a breakup. Then another song about ending a relationship. It seemed that she had a theme. She did have talent and her voice and the guitar played well together for the time she was on stage.

After a brief gap came the headliners. Kate Vigo. The band had the Rock Band 5 instrument setup and looked like the actors that the game studio would have hired for a commercial. A little bit grunge, a little bit hip, some dressed down, some dolled up. Kate herself was rocking stockings, a short black skirt, a blue jacket top and done up 60s hair. With a little more energy than Cookie, they proceeded to jump right into things. Never so energetic that the stage show was a part of the act, never too sedate so as to cause a lack of interest – they just played music well. The style changed up from piece to piece – a bit surfer garage here, a bit desperado desert cool there. They finished up with Spinning Out of Control, a steady build to a frenetic breakdown with requisite audience claps and stage dancing. And like that it was over.

I packed up my pockets and headed out into the unexpected rain. Another concert, another cheap night out. Unpaid tram ride to the outer city, free entry into a bar with a band, $4 for a beer, and a night of sitting in luxury, laid back with a direct view of the stage, earplugs partially in, and no one by my side to enjoy it with me before catching the free tram back. The music is good, as is getting out and seeing parts of the city that the other backpackers seem incapable or uninterested to reach. That all said, having a friend to talk to would help with people watching. Barring that, I suppose I’m going to have to learn how to make friends at the bar. Given that everyone seems to be on dates or in groups of larger, this may be require a bit of a culture shift. But this trip is all about personal growth and development right? Coming home with the ability to approach people would fall squarely into that category.

One comment on “Kate Vigo at the Evalyn Hotel

  1. Sam
    December 2, 2012

    I like that line: “packed up my pockets”.

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