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Falls Festival (Tweet Style)

I attended the Fall Festival – 2 days of music, camping, beach access, and art. Writing all about it would take too long, so I’m consolidating the tweets and notes I was unable to send at the time (spotty service) into a coherent picture of the festival.

We were directed around security because we didn’t look suspicious. Guess we could have tried to smuggle in booze after all.

Sellout crowd at Falls is 16,000. This feels quaint compared with the 65,000 at HFStival.

Emma Louise – Chill set w/ Missy Higgins-like voice. I kept zoning out though and the feedback was interfering.

J Mascis = Slash (guitar skill) + James Taylor (folk style) + Janis (voice) + fuzzbox. He rocked a fuzzy solo for about 10 minutes.

Bands that can switch between soulful folk and drum driven rock are fantastic live (see also The Head and the Heart).

“All my friends are talking about leaving, But all my friends are sitting there in their graves.” Head and the Heart

Anyone for Tennis? – Great musical comedy concepts, mediocre lyrical execution.

Josh Pyke – Pretty slick performance. Except for the couple songs I knew I wasn’t feeling it.

Murtaugh List possible entry: getting in the pit at a large outdoor festival.

Nouvelle Vague – French chanson/ bossa nova band that covered songs but truly made them their own. Blue Monday. Bella Lugosi’s Dead. God Save the Queen. Too Drunk to F…

Naked and Famous Young Hearts is the teenage girl squee song of the day.

Unsolicited, a biker handed over an unmarked pill and simply said “Enjoy.” Umm… thanks, but no thanks?

DJ Yoda is currently rocking hip hop muppets, 8bit Blur, and electronica Oompa Loompas!

For a band as well known as the Arctic Monkeys you’d think I would have heard even one of their songs before.

I just turned water into wine, sort of.

I don’t think I’ve seen a band perform a totally entrancing rave before. Crystal Castles is musical performance art at peak form.

I just non-ironically danced to NKOTB’s Step By Step.

A guy walked up to me during the final DJ set to get me into a conversation and then just wandered off. !?

Morning swim in Marion Bay in lieu of morning shower.

Vardos just Balkan rocked out. Violin / accordion / double bass is such a good combo,

There are times when taiko drumming is the only appropriate soundtrack. This isn’t one of them, but they are still cool to hear.

CSS had the energy and style of a party band which was totally wasted on a 3PM crowd. Kinda disappointed.

Missy Higgins was spot on, good barter, and had the crowd on her side. Still I was only partly into it. I need to be in the crowd if I don’t already know the discography.

The Jezabels – I’m pretty sure they did a spot on set but I was too wrapped up in the politics of the pit.

Met a girl who artfully sliced her way thru to the font over a set w/o anyone noticing or challenging her. Rare talent.

Subsisting on a diet of salami + cheese sandwiches and PB+J sandwiches. And water. So much water.

Tim Finn swept the crowd up + had half the songs sung back by everyone. It was like watching 10K 18-year-olds know every Don Henley song.

John Butler Trio – The band that should have had the New Year countdown set. Ludicrous roots breakdowns. I went tranced-out nuts on the last song.

The Kooks take their cues from the 60s/70s Brit Arena rock greats w/o adding anything new. They were fine and skilled, but these are the headliners? Did I miss a memo?

Pnau – Huge energetic full volume dance party. I was so worn out I sat through most and slept some.

2 days of live music, direct sun, heaps of dancing and little sleep can take every last ounce of energy. Crashed so hard at 230AM night 2.

Just found 6 unopened Red Bulls left next to our tent. Where were these last night? Also a ground pad.

Pit reference: 1st row can watch and listen. 20th row can listen and dance. Everything between is fighting drunk and forceful jerks, no music.

My hair looks fine after 3 days w/o shower, w/ sun, sweat, salt water, sleeping on the ground. Feels gross, but looks fine.

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