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Prep for Tassie

28 December 2011

I had a full day out at Leanne’s house to prep for the trip to Tasmania. Part of that time is to be spent with Leanne and part working on my own stuff. I am planning for two trips. The first is 10 days with Leanne which include a 2 day festival, some other touring, and driving around the island. The second is the Overland Track – a 6 to 7 day hike where everything I need must be carried in and back out (except for water). I’m conflicted in preparing for both because the plans and items for packing overlap and I’m working with someone who only has one of my two projects as a priority.

I do laundry, I sort out my groceries, I organize my stuff into various piles. I put away things I won’t take. I update my shopping lists of things I still need. And I try to avoid working on side projects until later. We head to the outdoor store to pick up those small things that you don’t factor in and somehow end up costing decent money. Then we head to the grocery store for what I estimate to be the tensest point for me. I’m shopping for two trips with someone who only is there for one. And so while I default to looking out for myself on the Overland, Leanne defaults to planning our meals together. As I get distracted and wander off to grab things, she just sort of takes on the task of making sure we both don’t starve when we are together. It is hard to come back into the planning having missed a portion of it. I need to figure out what she has planned, put that in my brain, and think around it to what we still need. And I need to make sure to not completely forget my plans for the Track in the process. It doesn’t go smoothly and I end up buying a little more than I need as well as feel like I’m shirking my responsibilities for our portion of the trip.

Back home I finish up with laundry, have tea and cake, finish up with sorting, pack, compress, load the car. We have dinner with her parents – salad and a chicken casserole. News is on in the background and I am informed of various related bits of backstory for the headlines. It is fairly educational to have someone providing context.

I load pictures onto my computer, finish packing, and start working on the festival lineup. I pull up a song from every artist performing and keep them all loaded for the ferry ride tomorrow. Nothing better to do than to listen to music and figure out who I want to see at any given point in the festival. My computer crashes a couple times in the process of trying to make this happen. Apparently 50 open youtube videos loaded into memory is something my computer doesn’t like.

I wrap up before too late. Productive overall, but mainly lost in thoughts of what is going to be going on shortly. I crash out.

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