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The Spirit of Tasmania

29 December 2011

I’m sitting in the Floor 9 Bar. It looks like the Floor 10 bar, the common areas, the kids areas, and most other social spaces on the ferry. That is to say there are seats, largely occupied by a mix of unconscious and quiet individuals. The children aren’t screaming. The TVs aren’t blaring. They are playing cricket at a reasonable volume and it looks like Australia may just pull out a win in the Boxing Day Test Match against India. They’ve won it every time previous but this year with a new team vs. India’s experienced team, they were expected to fall pretty easily.

The boat bucks back and forth. It is relatively gentle, but it is undulating and inconsistent. The ups and downs are forward and back, side to side. There is no pattern, and this means that most people aren’t able to read. Some are further forced to lie down or sleep just to avoid illness. The man across the table from me is racked out though I don’t know his motivation. He is a tall guy and was previously on his computer. I can at least assume this given the laptop bag on the table (taking up all the space) and his proximity to an outlet. It was the same feature that drew me to the other chair. But he has kicked back, his legs stretched under the table so far onto my side that in the backseat of a car he would certainly be scolded for crossing the line. He sleeps with his eyes slightly open, and one of them happens to be pointed in my direction. It is unsettling, as if he was watching me. But with the waves and rocking, I know that he couldn’t keep focus that long without pain.

The deep blue waters scroll past the windows, unchanging. The ride has gone on for 4 hours like this. And it will continue for another 5.

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This entry was posted on January 4, 2012 by in Australia, Tasmania (Hobart), Writing Exercise.

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