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Overland Track Tweets

This is the Cliff’s Notes / Twitter version of the Overland Track trip. Full entries should be up shortly.

Have been sharing a tent and car with a sick person for 3 days prior to my hike. Stay strong, immune system.


Have met some really fun people in the 24 hours leading up to the hike.

Starting the #OverlandTrack at 1330. Now just 5 hours of hiking to get to hut 1.

Was starting to get hot and tired heading up the steepest part of the OT. So it started horizontal near-freezing rain. Um, thanks Nature?

2 hours hiking thru frigid driving horizontal rain to start. Short of breaking an ankle or getting dysentery the hike can’t get much worse.

My pack is surprisingly waterproof. Hooray! There will be significantly fewer pictures today.

Hanging out in the emergency shelter having tea with a couple from Normandy. Met a family of 4 as well. Brought together to avoid the rain.

Walking crooked on an exposed ridge to avoid getting blown over (140km/hr gusts).

Saw a wild cat equivalent. Looked like a big shrew.

1st hut full. 1st hut backup (unheated) has space. Triumph of triumphs!

Sleeping on a plywood surface in a 4m x 4m plywood shack with 4 others.


Starting the day with damp clothes and wet socks / boots. Going to be a long day.

Despite the rain, this is actually quite gorgeous.

It keeps stopping rain just long enough for me to get my sun hat out. Nature is messing with me.

Apparently when left to my own thoughts, I just spend most of them shuffling songs in my head.

Joined up for 2/3 of the day with Doug and Yumie.

For the “easy day” I’m not particularly relaxed.

Put on my ipod for the first time this year. Music collection, I’ve missed you.

Nice Melbournians fed me. Delicious meat-free fare. Then gave me 4x ramen packs. My food is getting heavier as I hike.

Package tour guide gave me advice, biscuits (cookies), and chips he didn’t want to carry.

Gear I wish I brought – water-proofer pants, warmer jacket, slippers, extra socks, Sherpa.

Saw a wombat! Apparently a rare feat.

The guy sleeping next to me is the Bobby McFerrin of snorers.


Snow. I woke up to it snowing outside. This is the middle of summer.

It got sunny, I started hiking, hail started to fall.

Is this Cormac McCarthy the-universe-doesn’t-care or Cormac McCarthy the-universe-is-out-to-kill-me?

When you have a destination, getting there becomes a grind. Forcibly stopping and looking around.

It is called a rainforest. I don’t know why I expected any different.

The track goes through a small pond. Not around. Not over. Through.

Some of the alpine plants are beautiful. Pictures not working with rain and low light.

Meeting awesome people consistently. Niche interest + isolation + recognizing faces = connection.

A group gave me the nickname ‘Solo Man.’ I’ve graduated to Man!

Baby wallaby! In mom’s pouch! Playful, adorable little guy.


It’s not raining! 3 days of pent up amateur photographer coming out.

The tiny plant life here is stunning.

Clear skies to rain to clear. If this transitioned any faster, you wouldn’t say it stopped.

Sleet. That is the one thing the weather hadn’t yet done.

Pushed up to Mt Ossa despite the weather. Waited at the lookout for clear skies and photo chances.

Ossa peak looks straight out of King Kong, fog covered and all.

Running over snow down rock scree from giant Cloud of Doom!

Found a couple songs where the beats matched up with my hiking pole hits.

Messed up my ankle. Somehow. Probably just going downhill for 3 hours through rock and mud.

Got invitation to stay in Canberra! And in Adelaide with options for water skiing!

Kia Ora hut is about 4x10m, has 2 tables, sleeps 24 like sardines, and the ceiling can’t be seen through all the laundry hanging to dry.


Slow walking today to nurse my ankle.

Huge waterfalls with great lookouts and no guardrails! The last 4 days of rain have paid off.

Slow and steady doesn’t slip off a cliff.

Joined Doug and Yumie again for company and goofy pictures.

Cleaned off swimming in the river. Freezing cold river. Warmest part of the trip = getting out.

Nicholson hut is practically a ski lodge. So comfy.

Found people headed to Pine Valley like me. Good news cause their whole OT book had 1 sentence in bold, on this section: DO NOT GO ALONE!


Flat ground is so much easier to cross than steep uphill. Blasting thru today.

The Bowling Green looks like exactly that, totally out of place on the OT. Like a watering hole clearing.

Slipped, popped my knee out, bent my hiking pole. Grrr.

Pine Valley hut is closer to what I imagined for this trip.

Hiked up to the Labyrinth. Clear skies, postcard panoramas. Amazing.


The world of outdoor gear companies is apparently incestuous and full of intrigue.

Doing the Labyrinth again with more time and another photographer.

An hour on the outlook peak. 360deg phenomenal postcard picture panoramas.

Taking pictures of the Acropolis from the Parthenon.

Made it to the head of Lake Elysia. Views down into the Labyrinth valley. 4 people lost and dead in there recently.

Quite final night to wrap up this trip. Not sure how I feel.


Awoke to dry clothes, socks, boots, and a sun shining. Nature, thank you for the send off.

One last viewpoint, the helipad clearing near the hut up to the mountains, birds, sky.

Dragging my feet (metaphorically) and absorbing the first hour.

#DanielleAteTheSandwich is the soundtrack to my final walk out of the #OverlandTrack.

Last guy allowed on the last ferry to catch the only bus out for 2 days.

M stuff is still here. YAY!! Now I have to carry it all. BOO!!

Decompressing sitting next to an alpine lake on the 1st tee shirt day of the trip.

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