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Day 6 – The Supposed Final Day

Today was supposed to be the end of it. Hike to the last hut and hang out lakeside for a night. Catch the ferry in the AM and done. But I have energy still and don’t want to rejoin society quite yet. I haven’t gotten the isolation I expected and wanted either. And the Pine Valley side trip may help that. I’m not complaining. While I didn’t introspect as much as expected or write as much as hoped, I’ve met people. Common interests + isolation + repeated interaction = engaging conversations. And thanks to these people I now have connections in several capital cities and enough food to add on the extra few days. (Thank you to everyone who fed me!)

That all said, as excited as I was about the side trip, this hike was supposed to be my last and my brain is partly in that mode. The day started off with goodbyes to all the friends I’ve made on the trail and expressions of intentions to email once we’re all back. I do mean it. And the first half of the walk is the same trail. It goes 5km before my turnoff.

So I walk the trail alone, headed to a tangential destination by way of the final stop. My brain doesn’t know what to do. I’m sad it is all over, though it isn’t. I want to go back to showers and electricity, though I don’t. And each step that takes me closer confuses me more.

Once the turnoff comes there is nothing to do but press on. Headphones in, Deftones pumping, the ground passes beneath me. Today will be long and I want a break at the hut.

Break over, heavy bag exchanged for a day pack, Manny and I join Phil (an older gentleman) for a trek up to the Labyrinth vistas. The trail is step and arduous, at times over slick roots, at times straight up rock cascades. Once at the top the trees disappear and the panorama unfolds ahead and all around me.

My camera is out and affixed to my hand. The views are stunning and worth the added hike after an already decently travelled day. Manny gives me some photo advice and lets me test out one of his lenses. By the time we finally decent all I want is dinner and to not be moving. Back at the hut I get my wish.

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