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Day 7- Pictures of the Labyrinth

The weirdest thing about my best outdoors day of the trip is that it is so hard to figure out what to write about. The day was a truly enjoyable one but there were few specific things to say.

I woke late to face a day with only a day pack. I had a slow start and didn’t need to stress. Manny and I headed up to the Labyrinth for a more extensive search of the area. We have similar flat ground and downhill paces, both love to take pictures, both take a while to do it, and have about the same levels of safety vs. recklessness to our hiking.

The views over the lake we could see were great and had sated us the day before. Today we paused only to change layers as the day heated up. We pushed ahead to the lookout and were rewarded with a 360 degree panorama over slight valleys and alpine lakes to varied mountains. This was hands down the most impressively in-your-face definition of postcard panorama on the trip. The next hour was spent behind the lens. The view north to the Labyrinth, over Lake Elysia at the foot of Walled Mountain, was the panorama for a long sit and snack.

We pushed on to a horribly marked trail, wandering into the Labyrinth (where 4 people have died in the past few years) with only a map to tell us where the trail should be. As we hit the end of the trail at the North end of Lake Elysia we looked at the clock. I took some photos into the depths of the Labyrinth and back over Elysia, now under the Acropolis. Lunch and a rest at the last rock of the outskirts before we turned around and burned all the way back to the cabin.

My final full day, my last side trip, the beginning of the end of the OT trip. It’s hard to put into words. Hopefully pictures will do it justice.

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