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A world citizen may provide value to society by using knowledge acquired across cultural contexts.

Day 8 – Last Day in the Valley

It’s a weird thing, that last day of a trip. Waking up this morning was slow. I packed my bag with heavy hands and dragged my feet. The vacation is coming to a close. The first day I was in over my head, but as the trip ran on my body had adjusted. Wake with the sun. Sleep at dark. Use the toilets when they’re available. Now I was headed back to civilization, to power grids, to 24-hour living. Before leaving, I headed to the helipad, a large timber platform in a clearing between mountains. The sun was out, some puffy white clouds painted the sky. Birds sang the morning all around. This was a life I could have. Eschew cities, eschew comforts. No movies. No pop. No traffic. It’s a fantasy I know; I’d never do it and wouldn’t want to forever. But I’m comfy now; I’ve found my stride. Breathing fresh air. Seeing beautiful things .Man has done some incredible things and all, but Nature has had much longer and has done so much more. I breathe it all in. Savoring every moment. Wanting to close my eyes and just fall into the peaceful bliss of it all. Not wanting to blink and lose out on the view. I took pictures knowing that as soon as I left and headed back on my way the magic would start to fade, that the full sensory zen would leak out and I’d be back into a world of goals, timelines, and destinations. This was eight days spent in the wilderness, sans outlets and plumbing. I hauled my clothes, gear and food. And I loved it. My first trip off the grid, but certainly not my last. “We don’t even have pictures / Just memories to hold / That grow sweeter each season / As we slowly grow old.” – Toad the Wet Sprocket – “Walk On the Ocean”

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This entry was posted on January 19, 2012 by in Australia, Overland Track, Tasmania (Hobart) and tagged .

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