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Job Options (and pics update)

Before this blog, I’d like to update quickly on my pictures. My hard drive crashed. Most of my pictures from the trip are currently inaccessible. It will likely be a few weeks before I can even possibly retrieve them (if I can)then start sorting. I do want to get pictures sorted and uploaded, but for the foreseeable future it is just going to be words.


Job Options

The working holiday visa program allows people from any number of countries to come to Australia and work as a means of funding travel. We pay taxes on the money, then use the rest of it to fund the tourism industry. It is a good scheme. Travelers win. Government wins.

Backpackers in Australia have a standard selection of options. Fruit-picking work. Busing tables. Waiting tables. Charity fundraising. Moving furniture. It is, for the most part, crap work. The stuff that locals don’t want to do. It is unsurprising that the migrants get thrown these bones. And it is unsurprising, given what I’ve seen of backpackers, that they keep going for the same jobs over and over. There never seems to be anything good where they are. But in that place over there, they’ve heard there’s heaps of openings, paying good money. People don’t end up working what they want. They stop where they run out of money, working until they can get to the next promised land of job opportunity.

I don’t want that. Part contrary and not wanting to do what everyone else does, part bored already with hearing about the same options, I want something different. Here’s the list I’ve found so far.

Mining. The pay is good. The hours are long. There is nothing else to do where the jobs are, so you don’t spend any money. You can save up fast. And you have the experience in living in a mining town. Some of them are so much in uninviting land that the whole town is underground in the mine. There is mining work directly, and all the jobs that go into supporting it in hospitality and general survival. I want that.

Clinical trials. Make a few thousand dollars for a couple weeks work. And the “work” is largely just chilling around, being monitored. Get free accommodation in a lab/hospital. Free food I think too. You just have to take meds that probably won’t have negative side-effects. Human lab rat. Seems only fair that I should try that. Karma.

Busking. Traveling street performer. I don’t have a talent that could make me any money. Perhaps if I learn enough on the ukulele? Maybe I will try to be one of the living statues? I could just try not shaving and looking crazy and being the crazy non-talented guy that people give pity money to. It would be an interesting window into expressing myself, being confident, and observing people.

Nude modeling. I found an art collective that does that kind of thing. Make a few hundred dollars to take some nude portraits. There is probably a market to be had being a nude model for art students as well. Given that I’m walking everywhere and not overeating, I’ve not been in better shape since I was doing gymnastics. And having met people in the past few years who are completely comfortable with their bodies and with being naked, I’m decreasingly insecure about that.

Hostel operations. I’ve already been paid a few times to clean the hostel and take out the trash. Easy stuff. And cleaning calms me. I get paid to put my nerves at ease. Kind of a great trade.

Vague business-type stuff. The owner of the hostel I just left seems to have his fingers in a lot of pies. And he seems to know what he is doing. I may work for him for a while, see if I can’t learn some of his skills.

I’m going to start working soon. Hopefully it is something worth writing about.

2 comments on “Job Options (and pics update)

  1. Jonathan K T
    April 10, 2012

    Please don’t go into a mine. I already miss you, and would very much like to see you again.

  2. Jonathan K T
    April 10, 2012

    PS: if your hard drive is at all salvageable without surgery (i.e. if it spins up) I can probably help save most of your photos relatively easily in the comfort of your hostel, unless you’ve already got it covered.

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