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Suby Sale

I’m selling my car. It is going to be very sad to see it go. But it needs to happen, and it needs to happen pretty soon. I’ve written up the following ad for it. There will be pictures but they don’t upload in the blog.

Please, I am soliciting help on this. If you have comments or corrections, suggestions or changes, if you think the ad doesn’t work at all, or if it works well – please, please, please let me know. A well done ad can be the difference between a sale and me having to drop a few hundred off the price. Please, I want your feedback. Ideally in comments on the post, but emails to me work too. Aiming to post the ad ASAP.

Thank you all.

Subaru Liberty Wagon – Full year rego, with RWC, Outback ready – $1999

For sale is a Subaru Liberty Wagon (named Fozzie Bear). Manual transmission. A new registration is included in the sale, so rego is good until November 2013. And the car comes with a Road Worthy Certificate (RWC) blue slip to prove that it is in great condition and will still be with you in a year.

The car is a 1992 model with 330,000 km. Fozzie has been well cared for and has only needed scheduled services since I’ve owned it. It is in great working condition, drives well, and has a lot of room inside. You can fit 4 adults plus luggage and camping gear inside to drive across the Outback. Or you can fold the back seats down to make a comfortable bed for two.

Fuel economy is great, using only about 8L/100km. It maneuvers easily around a city, street parks like a charm, and it handles long drives through the country with style. The car comes ready to take on whatever road trip you throw at it. To make sure you get the most out of the Subaru and can go on epic adventures, the following items are all included:

  • Spare fan / alternator belt
  • Spare radiator hoses
  • Spare wheel
  • Extra spare tyre
  • Trailer hitch
  • Tow strap
  • Jerry can
  • Roof rack + rope
  • 2 man tent
  • Inflatable ground pad
  • Foam ground pad
  • Doona + Pillow
  • Car power adaptor (turns cigarette lighter socket into mains power + USB so you can charge your laptop, phone, ipod, etc. while you drive)
  • iPod Speakers
  • 25L esky
  • 2 x 5L water containers
  • 15L additional water carrying containers
  • Plates + cups for 4
  • Camp stove w/ fuel
  • Assorted cutlery
  • Food containers

The car was owned by a family for its entire history until this year when I bought it. It comes with all of the maintenance records for the life of the vehicle so you know it has been well cared for.

If you want to look it over or take it for a test drive, don’t hesitate to call or email me to set something up. I’m generally commuting between Bondi, Newtown, and Campbelltown so wherever you are, the car is close by.

2 comments on “Suby Sale

  1. Alyssa
    October 26, 2012

    I wouldn’t necessarily call it Fozzie Bear in the ad. Adorable as the name is, it doesn’t shout “I am a responsible car owner who will sell you a reliable car!” Cut out the bits about including food containers and cutlery. Possibly also about being able to sleep in the car? I know these might have been selling points for you, but former home of a road hobo isn’t what most people are looking for. Kindred road-hobo spirits will take kindly to the ad as-is, but they aren’t likely to offer top dollar for it–and they’ll be drawn to a reliable, adventure-ready car even without the extra information. If the buyer is indeed a road warrior, you can give them all the extra supplies when you seal the deal.

    Also, good-bye Fozzie Bear. I am sorry we never got to meet.

  2. Cy
    October 26, 2012

    I like your ad. If the prospective buyer is interested in using Fozzie as you have for outdoor adventures, then the ad will give them a good sense that it is the right car for them. If the prospective buyer is a settled family wanting to do city driving, Alyssa’s comments may have a bearing on how they see the ad – even then it may not be a big deal. Fozzie is clearly reliable and well certified (the records on Fozzie’s care will be a good selling point too). A long list of extras would seem to be a good enticement. You know the prevailing culture and norms there, so go with your instincts on that basis. If you keep the list of extras, I have one question – how many “15L additional water carrying containers” do you have? (If it’s clear to the reader that you mean 15 1L containers, ignore my question.) Alyssa’s comments are good and you probably will receive other good suggestions as well, so go with what seems most reasonable to you in light of the culture there. Your basic ad is great, so any mods you make should also work well. Too bad I will never get to meet Fozzie Bear. Do you have any pictures of you with Fozzie Bear? You might want one for the memory book.

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