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Unable to access the blog

I’ve heard that Vietnam is much less restrictive of the internet than other Socialist countries. So far I’ve found this to be true. However, it doesn’t mean it is non-restrictive. And oddly, though I’ve only posted one thing on Vietnam, and it was positive, I am currently unable to access my blog, or WordPress entirely.

If you’re reading this, then my ability to email posts is still working. The post I was planning to put up next has formatting that won’t convey through an email post. Unless this is bold

and the above spacing wasn’t unusually large. If both are true, it will be back to posts as usual. If not, I will find another post that doesn’t need much in the way of formatting and I’ll go with that. Either way, hopefully we will be back up and running soon.

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This entry was posted on November 28, 2012 by in Australia.

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