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Category Archives: Northern Territory (Darwin)

The Big Rock

Written 27 September Driving in on the highway, about 70 km out, a shape appears in the distance. Flat top, large rock of a mountain sticking up out of the … Continue reading

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West Macs Conversations

Written 21 September I’m currently traveling alone. My car has carried me to the West MacDonnell Ranges outside of Alice Springs, a national park containing no more than a hundred … Continue reading

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Take a Break, Mate

Written 17 September Australia seems concerned with the welfare of its drivers, but less in a paternalistic way than as mates. They’ve set up rest areas along the highways between … Continue reading

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Sunset in the Outback

Written 17 September The sun is a different thing here in the Outback. When it is directly overhead your skin knows it. Put a microphone up to the epidermis and … Continue reading

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Litchfield Day 1

Written 11 September There is something about waterfalls. I don’t know what it is precisely. But there is something inherent to the nature of a stream or river rushing over … Continue reading

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