Spin the Globe with Justin Butner

A world citizen may provide value to society by using knowledge acquired across cultural contexts.

Into the Darkness

July 10, 2010 I’m sitting outside a coffee shop, smoking cigarettes and typing, watching the sky grow darker than I’ve seen it in a month. The weather is warmer than … Continue reading

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Think Globally, Eat Locally

There are different ways to experience a new place. The most obvious is sight-seeing – show up, hit the museums, hit the obvious tourist sites, and call it a day. … Continue reading

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Friday, July 9 Very infrequent announcements break the quiet as I slowly make my way through the undulating centipede of the check in line at Keflavik International Airport in Iceland. … Continue reading

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Taking Suggestions and Feeling Alive

Wednesday July 7 As you hit the home stretch of a long journey, the percentage of items on the to do list never seems to match the percentage of time … Continue reading

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The Art of the Conversation

Travel to a foreign country always makes the art of the conversation a bit trickier. You are rolling in without the connectivity you have at home, the networks you’ve built … Continue reading

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